Director: John G Young

5th May 2016

Tate & Lampl to score John G Young’s feature film “Dreamland”

Definitely Divorcing

Director: Russ Parr

15th January 2016

Tate & Lampl to score Russ Parr’s feature film “Definitely Divorcing”


Director: Jeremy David White

14th October 2015

Tate & Lampl to score Jeremy David White’s “Enhanced”

The Fright Night Files

Director: Russ Parr

20th July 2015

Tate & Lampl to score Russ Parr’s “The Fright Night Files”


3rd September 2014

“Frontera” released 5th September at cinemas across North America to much critical acclaim.

Entertainment Weekly “…Kenneth Lampl and Darren Tate’s score is a highlight”

Christy Lemire RogerEgbert.com “A sweeping score”


3rd September 2014





11th June 2014

Magnolia Pictures announces releases dates of “Frontera”; 31st July ITunes & VOD; 5th September theatrical release across North America.
Trailer now live on the IMDB home page, YouTube and Apple ITunes Movie Trailers.


Director: Tom Wardach

21st April 2014

Tate & Lampl to score news US TV series “Compromised”

The Prison Web

Director: Jo Allen

10th January 2014

Tate & Lampl to score Jo Allen’s “The Prison Web”

Princess and Grace

Director: Tyler Wirtanen

15th January 2014

Tate & Lampl to score Tyler Wirtanen’s “Princess and Grace”


9th November 2013

Myriad Pictures have secured the international rights to “Frontera” starring Ed Harris, Eva Longoria and Michael Pena from Ocean Blue Entertainment. Myriad’s president and CEO, Kirk D’Amico, stated that the performances “really bring to life this suspenseful and complex story of the everyday struggles along the Mexican border.”


18th November 2013

Magnolia Pictures has acquired U.S. and Canadian rights to director Michael Berry’s “Frontera,” which stars Ed Harris, Eva Longoria, Michael Pena, Aden Young and Amy Madigan, the company announced monday.

“’Frontera’ is an exciting and relevant drama with a typically stellar performance from Ed Harris and great turns from the entire ensemble,” said Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles.


Director: Gary King

Tate & Lampl to score Gary King’s “Unnerved”

Save West Brook High

Director: Gary Wheeler

Tate & Lampl to score Save West Brook High

A Christmas Blessing

Director: Russ Parr

Tate & Lampl to score Russ Parr’s A Christmas Blessing


Director: Michael Berry

Tate & Lampl score “Frontera” starring Ed Harris, Eva Longoria and Michael Pena


Director: Jocelyn Engle, Arno Malarone

Tate & Lampl to score “Awakened” starring Steven Bauer, John Savage and Edward Furlong

Scavenger Killers

Director: Dylan Bank

Tate & Lampl score “Scavenger Killers” starring Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia and Charles Durning

Babar Ahmed

Director: “Royal Kill” and “Genius”

For every film, the director seeks the one gifted composer who will be able to understand his movie, understand the motives behind the characters’ decisions, and deliver that unique score which will connect with the viewers and leave the audience breathless with what they have seen and felt. In Ken Lampl I am fortunate enough to have found that composer.

Dante Tomaselli

Director: “Horror”, “Satans Playground” and “The Ocean”

Kenneth is a spectacularly versatile musician. Brooding, ominous violins? Check. Frenzied, operatic percussion? Check. Moody, atmospheric synthesizer soundscapes? Check. It’s so reassuring to know that I am in good hands. I highly recommend Kenneth Lampl. I believe he is one of the greatest composers of our time.

Jerome Cohen-Olivar

Director “KANDISHA” and “COOL CRIME”

Ken has the kind of magic that belongs to a different era. It’s enchanting yet there is something disturbingly personal beneath that makes you want to close your eyes and wonder…

David Cohen


Few composers can match Ken’s background, training and encyclopaedic knowledge of music (and music theory)–but even fewer have an understanding, as Ken does, of how music works alongside the moving image. Ken has an extraordinary musical mind alongside a deep sensitivity to story and character: the true mark of a brilliant film composer. A musical prodigy in his own right, an excellent collaborator and a film enthusiast with the chops to submerge himself in any story, regardless of genre or mood, Ken Lampl envelops every one of his projects in musical gold.

Rob Crossan

BBC Review “Perfect World”

Tate has created an intensely warm, interesting album full of quirks and interesting discoveries buried deep in the mix that demand repeated listening. Imagine an underwater roller coaster going at half speed and you’re about there. A triumph.

Oli Pavitt

UK-CL “Perfect World”

With the combination of great song-writing, stunning vocals, world-class production and remixes that ooze euphoria, DT8 Project have succeeded in creating the perfect world, where sheer aural ecstasy is administered at the touch of a play button!